Bunke Earns Soo I-500 Victory

Polaris Team Holds Off Gentz’s Yamaha 

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Saturday February 5, 2005

Gabe Bunke earned his first Soo I-500 victory as the lead driver with his narrow victory earlier today in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Bunke had formerly won the race as a second driver, but this time he led the way — though he had a lot of help.

It started with the Pro-5 Polaris team, which has enough I-500 trophies to fill their small shop in Roseau, Minnesota.

But Bunke also got some late help from four-time Soo winner Corey Davidson, who served as a substitute driver on Bunke’s team after Bunke’s other co-driver, Josh Davis, left the race with cramps. Davidson’s own effort was derailed by mechanical problems.

Mike Gentz of Marquette, Michigan, finished second aboard a Yamaha RX-1. He was the only other driver on the lead lap, and he finished 29 seconds back. Another Yamaha, piloted over the course of the day by Todd Krikke and Chad Gueco, finished third, three laps back. The Cat of Justin Winter finished fourth, six laps back.

Here’s a quick look at the top 10, according to unofficial results from the Soo. Look for a complete report and behind-the-scenes details in an upcoming issue of Snow Week magazine.

1. Gabe Bunke, Pol
2. Michael Gentz, Yam
3. Todd Krikke, Yam
4. Justin Winter, Cat
5. John Hoos, Pol
6. Ryan Spencer, Cat
7. Brent Vermeersch, Pol
8. Paul Vanderploeg, Yam
9. Kriag Caralash, Yam
10. Doug Cammerand, Pol 

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