Freestyle Snowmobiler To Appear On Letterman

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Colby Johnson
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Wednesday February 23, 2005
Be sure to watch The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, February 28 to catch freestyle snowmobile rider Jay Quinlan perform the ever-popular back flip — on the streets of Manhattan.

“We’re there to promote the 2005 Winter Gravity Games and to talk about the sport,” Quinlan said. “It should be entertaining, funny and all around fun.”

SCS Racing’s Steve Miller will be designing and constructing a full snow ramp in the alley behind Letterman’s studio in New York City. The task will require18 dump trucks full of snow to travel four hours to the site. The SCS crew and Quinlan will have exactly four hours to build the ramp, nail the jump and tear the ramp down.

“Not easy to do,” Quinlan said with a slight laugh. But a month of planning will ensure it will get done, he added.

The 18 dumpsters of snow approach was just one of many ideas the group considered. Everything from flipping dumpsters upside-down and blowing snow on them to creating a dirt track was discussed.

The Late Show will film the stunt around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, then the 25-year-old freestyle rider will take a seat on Letterman’s couch to talk snowmobiles and the Gravity Games.

The idea of talking with Letterman might scare the pants off of most people, but Quinlan said he’s not too nervous. “I’m nervous about the sleds breaking, that’s it,” he said. He and his crew plan to take three sleds, including Ski-Doo’s 2006 Freestyle, on the trip.

He’s not too nervous about successfully completing the back flip either, he said. “Steve Miller knows my riding style,” Quinlen said. “I’m really anal about [the ramp] being perfect and he knows exactly what I want it to be like.” Miller is also designing and building the freestyle course for the Gravity Games.

The 2005 Winter Gravity Games will be held March 3-6 at Copper Mountain, Colorado. Quinlan has been involved with organizing a freestyle demonstration, which is the 20-minute show will take place on both March 5 and 6 at 11 a.m. and again at 2 p.m.

Quinlan is sponsored by AMDS, Red Bull, DVS Shoes, Fox Racing Shox, Blown Concepts, C&A; Pro, Ski-Doo and

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